Sunday, July 11, 2010

Life Preservers Scrapbook Club Challenge

WOW! Three post in one far. :) I was checking out the Life Preserver's Blog while getting links for my other post and came across a challenge. I remember seeing it when they posted it, thought to do it, forgot about it, and...well... here we are. LOL I looked through my last 2 weeks of layouts I have done (you know the ones with the older photos) and I found one that fits the challenge. Talked about shocked. Must have been in my subconscious the whole time! LOL This is a picture of Emma when she was just a baby, 2003. She was my only one that took a pacy. The 2 older ones never took a pacy or sucked their thumb. The other three are thumb suckers! At least Andrew quit just before he turned 8! He has almost been 1 year free of thumb sucking! Now to get the other two to quit, but I am sure that is a long way off. Oh well, it IS cute sometimes! Especially when they are sleeping. :)


  1. Thumb Sucking is a hard habit to break! Have you ever tried Thumbusters? Thumbusters is a glove-like device made from Lycra that covers the thumb and is attached by a Velcro band around the wrist and it sells for just 12.95.Find us on facebook to talk more about thumbsucking

  2. We bought one son a thumbuster 2 different times. We have also bought my other son one. They are great...if they don't lose them!!