Monday, December 5, 2011

Emma's 1st Choral Performance

Friday night, Emma had a chorus performance at Barnes& Noble. It was originally said they would sing on the escalators, but they ended up putting the group on the second floor way in the back. I was filming with the video camera so I didn't see if they had people stop and listen to the group. They did an amazing job!! Emma decided to join chorus and they meet before school on Wednesday mornings. Worked out perfectly because the hubby could just drop her off on his way to work. Even our school teacher daughter left school to listen to her little sister sing. Chorus was a huge part of big sisters life and she really didn't want to miss it! So glad she could hear her sing. Yep, I cried seeing my oldest daughter watching my middle daughter follow in her foot steps! Yep, I am an old sappy one!

She is the one in the front with the black dress on. After looking at all my pictures, I can't believe in all but this one, she has her eyes closed! Thank goodness for taking multiples!

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