Wednesday, December 7, 2011

RACK - candy cane day

Today was another RACK (random act of Christmas kindness) and the kids passed out candy canes. We went through 2 boxes of mini's for a total of 60 minus 2 that Ian dropped and broke into several pieces. They loved eating the broken pieces. We took missy to preschool so she missed out but we went to Dollar Tree (didn't pass out there), AC Moore (passed out a box), Lifeway Christian Bookstore and Michael's (they combined a box between the two). Emma asked if we can do this again next year. I really think they enjoyed their selves! I told them to say excuse me, ask if they wanted a candy cane, and then say Merry Christmas. Some took the candy, some didn't, and one young man told Ian, "I don't know you." So happy to hear that from that young man because it was true! Ian gave one to a little girl and I told him he needed to ask her mom first. He did and it ended up she couldn't have one. When people looked at me with that look, I told them I was trying to teach the children it was better to give than receive. Andrew didn't pass out any (he was having a bad morning because he didn't go to bed when he should and was tired), Ian didn't really understand, but Emma sure did! 1 out of 3 ain't bad, I say!  Tomorrow we are going to the library and pay a few fines that other's have racked up. I wonder what the library worker will think of that?!? We shall see... :-)

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