Saturday, December 10, 2011

RACK - Vending machines

So today we had to pick up a prescription at Harris Teeter for the hubby and we had to wait about 15 minutes since they were on their 30 minute lunch break. We went outside and the kids tried to wait patiently. Once the 15 minutes were up, we all went back inside and got the medicine. On the way out of the store, the kids wanted a quarter so they could get something out of those 25 cent little vending machines. I told them no, but wait...and I fished out all the quarters I had in my purse. I think I had 6 or so and we decided to put them on top of the machines for others who wanted a little treat. The kids were bummed at first because they didn't get anything, but we had the talk again about giving and not receiving. That stopped them immediately! I have been so impressed with the kids as the for the most part are enjoying our RACK's. :)

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