Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Strange place for suntan lotion

The kids have been making their "club house" out in the back of the woods and I ventured out there to see what they had done and honestly, to check on them. They had rehung one of the tire swings, made a drum set out of buckets, fixed a driving area for little bits Barbie car who's battery is dead, and something called their bathroom (only for the boys though). We won't go there because I immediately told them to get rid of it. But as I was walking around the woods, I came across this and thought it was a little out of place. BUT I do like how it looks like it has a thumb holding it just so. It really was a strange sight to see but kind of cute as well. You just never know what kids will find in the woods! And did I mention, it still has suntan lotion in it???

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